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If I could give more stars I would!What a great office to visit EVERYONE that works here is personable and just amazing. I feel comfortable coming and I have to say, what a change! I love my smile! Many thanks!
Sean R.

I would welcome the opportunity to provide a review for Dr. Philip Shindler and his office staff. I have been a patient of Dr. Shindler for about 17 years now. My wife has been his patient for even longer, about 20 years, and it is from her that I received the referal to Dr. Shindler. Dr. Shindler is an excellent technician in his craft, as well as being caring and conscientious with his patients. On many occasions, after involved procedures, Dr. Shindler has called me after his office is closed to see “how I am doing”. He has helped me through simple examinations as well as root canals and two implants. He and his staff are pleasant and fair persons with whom to interact and help one through the maze of dental insurance. On two occasions Dr. Shindler came into his office when it was closed to help me with a dental emergency. I am also pleased to add that he has performed these services “painlessly”, which can be a major issue with dental work. So it is completely without any reservation that I am able to recommend Dr. Shindler.
Capt. Remsburg, USC

I recently moved and have been going to Dr. Shindler’s office for a few months. I would never change my dentist again. The service at this office is amazing. Everyone is so friendly and compassionate and Dr. Shindler is superb when it comes to the treatments.
Peter Lassen

Cannot thank Dr. Shindler enough. When I first visited him, he checked all my teeth and then gave me all the details about the treatments I needed. I was worried about the cost of the treatments, but he was offering financing options, which turned out to be really helpful for me. I will never leave this dentist.
Aziana Arlene

Dr. Shindler is extremely conscientious, competent, and careful. He did a beautiful job on my veneers, and on several crowns. The office staff are kind and caring, and the office itself is highly professional and well managed. I highly recommend Dr. Shindler!
A Google User

I went there for a root canal. I was completely painless, I had no swelling or discomfort at all. Dr. Shindler is a good dentist.
A Google User

Dr. Philip Shindler is an amazing dentist. I had some badly shaped teeth and he did a miracle on them. I am taking every chance to smile now.
A Google User

Dear Shindler's,Just wanted to thank you both for coming in on your day off to rescue me. Thought you might enjoy a dinner and a movie. Thanks again!

Dear Dr. Shindler,Beverly and your staff! Just wanted you to know how much i appreciated all you've done for me. Thanks for putting up with my dental fears too. I don't know why it's so traumatic for me, but it helps knowing that i get skillfully treated by such a caring dentist and his team. Thank You!

Dear Dr. Shindler, Thank you for taking good care of my daughter's dental work. I know we are not the easiest people to work on, hopefully not the hardest either. I appreciate the accommodations you made for my daughter, such as allowing her to wear her headphones while working on her and also the use of nitrous oxide. I am glad she was brave enough to go without it later. I credit you with that since she had a very good first experience with you, and she liked the look of her tooth so much after that first visit that she wanted all her teeth to look so nice, it inspired her to brush her teeth more. I tell people I found you through 1-800-Dentist and they are amazed saying, " Wow, it really works", and i say, "Yes, it does". Catherine says she likes your dental hygienist as well, so we are all set with you. Catherine also says she likes you because you seem comfortable around her and you treat her like any other person. What a relief that our honesty did not unfairly stigmatize my daughter, again thanks for all your hard work and kindness. Sincerely.

Dear Dr. Shindler and Beverly, I wanted to write a note to say thank you for giving me an absolutely gorgeous smile! I am the type of person who loves to smile and laugh. I think laughter is the key to health, and what fun would it be to have a bad attitude with a name like Merilee?:) Well, over the past several years, I have found myself covering up my smile because of the discoloration in my front teeth. One of the most important things to me in finding a dentist was gentleness. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have a dentist who's so gentle, patient and who genuinely cares! I could not have imagined the end result being any prettier than it is. Thank You! You know, it's funny how things work out, my two criteria for finding a dentist were that they be open on saturdays and that they take my insurance. In the end, my insurance didn't cover one penny, and all my appointments were during the week. If I had known that from the beginning, I would not have ended up in your office. Thank the lord things happen for a reason or I would not have found such a wonderful dentist! Thank You so much! Your patient for life.