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Invisalign Dentist Westlake Village


Invisalign is an exciting new dental technology that may one day make braces obsolete. A dentist trained in Invisalign can use the clear, temporary devices to gradually realign teeth in the same way that braces are currently used. Here are some of the features of Invisalign aligners:

1. The device can be removed.

Once braces are attached to your teeth, they won't be removed until your dentist takes them off again. With the clear aligners, however, you can simply pop out your device if you want to eat something sticky or if you have an appointment where you don't want anyone to notice them. While they're out, you can clean them, then put them back in again – it's really that simple.

2. Clear aligners take less time.

Braces take an average of three or four years to correct a problem. By contrast, Invisalign clear aligners take only about 12 to 18 months to correct the problem.

3. Clear aligners look better.

Because they are clear, Invisalign devices are almost impossible to spot unless someone is in very close proximity. No matter who you are – a teenager who doesn't want the embarrassment of braces, or an adult working professional who doesn't want to look like a teenager – clear aligners are definitely aesthetically pleasing. They are nearly invisible, as the “Invisalign” name implies.

Still, in some cases traditional braces provide better results. To find out if Invisalign might work for your situation, contact our office today.