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Dental Crown

What is a dental crown and bridge? The combination of a dental crown and bridge is designed to replace missing teeth. Unlike dentures and other temporary devices which can be removed, cleaned, and returned to the mouth, a combination of crown and bridge is a permanent solution for missing or damaged teeth. The great advantage of a crown and bridge over dentures is the added stability and the natural feel it gives. Dentures and other types of temporary false teeth are notoriously unstable, making chewing and speaking difficult. Replacing missing teeth with a dental crown and bridge does not have this disadvantage.

About Crowns

A crown is essentially a cap that fits over a damaged tooth. The crown strengthens the tooth, and in the case of chipped, cracked, or broken teeth, the crown also improves the tooth’s appearance. Typically, crowns are made with porcelain or other ceramics that can be matched to your natural tooth color. Crowns will match your other teeth almost seamlessly, and most people will never even notice that you have a crown.

About Bridges

Bridges on the road connect one point to another point over a gap; bridges in your mouth connect one set of teeth to another set of teeth when there are missing teeth in between. Bridges are cemented either to natural teeth or to implants and cover the space left by the missing teeth.

Combining Bridges with Crowns

A dental crown and bridge combination is often used to replace missing teeth. First, the natural teeth on either side of the gap are shaved down to fit the crowns. Then the bridge of joined porcelain replacement teeth will be fitted into the gap and cemented to the prepared teeth on either side. Alternatively, a dental implant or implants could be placed to replace the missing teeth. Your dentist should discuss these choices with you and help you choose the best option. When the procedure is finished, you will no longer have missing or damaged teeth; you’ll have a celebrity-quality smile! In short, a crown and bridge procedure is far superior to replacing missing teeth with dentures. Contact us today to set up an appointment to transform your smile.