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Sometimes, all it takes is a baseball and a pitcher with poor aim. Other times, it's a slippery deck after a rain shower. Occasionally, it's a car crash.

Accidents happen, and injuries to the mouth often result in tooth loss. Tooth loss can seriously impede your ability or your loved one's ability to enjoy a normal, healthy life.

What is a Dental Implant?

If you or a family member has lost a tooth, consider replacing it not with dentures or false teeth, but with a dental implant. Unlike old-fashioned false teeth, which are not particularly stable or natural, today's dental implants look and feel almost exactly like natural teeth.

In 1951, Swedish professor and orthopedic surgeon Per-Ingvar Branemark discovered that titanium inserted into bone would literally fuse with the bone, making it almost impossible to extract again.

Branemark's discovery led to today's dental implants. When a dental implant is created for one or multiple teeth, a metal root is implanted into the jawbone, and then the porcelain tooth is put in. Once implanted, it feels almost exactly like a normal tooth, and is just as stable.

A Dental Implant Success Story

Isaac was seventeen and trying to impress a girl. Attempting a trick with his moped, he flipped the little vehicle, spilling both himself and the girl onto the pavement. The girl walked away with scraped knees and hands; Isaac lost a front tooth.

The first dentist Isaac went to see gave him a retainer with a false tooth implanted in it. It looked fairly natural, and worked fine – as long as he didn't try to eat with it. In fact, every time he tried to eat the retainer would pop out. Embarrassed, Isaac wouldn't eat in public with his friends any more, and he covered his mouth when he smiled. Gradually, he became depressed and isolated.

Worried about her son, Isaac's mother sought out other options, eventually learning about dental implants. A few months later, Isaac had a natural-looking front tooth again. He didn't cover his mouth when he laughed any longer. His depression lifted and he regained his confidence.

Whether you're seventeen or seventy, a dental implant can work wonders for your self-image and physical comfort.