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Kor WhiteningIf you have less-than-white teeth, you are not alone. Stained or yellowed teeth are one of the most common dental problems for which people seek cosmetic dentistry solutions. While there are many available methods of teeth whitening, most of them are unpredictable in terms of results. Often, teeth stained by drugs or which darken due to hereditary influences are notoriously difficult to whiten. You may have tried many different products without success, both over-the-counter and dentist-administered.

However, a new product is now available which will make those worries a thing of the past. The new Kor dental whitening system is now available at our office. Kor whitening will make your stained, dull teeth a thing of the past.

Dental whitening systems use a hydrogen peroxide base to whiten teeth. The peroxide works its way through the enamel, or top coat, of the teeth, to the dentin beneath. The peroxide then oxidizes this layer, providing a whiter appearance. However, hydrogen peroxide systems may not work on teeth that have been stained by tetracycline or are naturally dark. One reason for this is that the hydrogen peroxide is diluted by saliva and natural enzymes in the mouth. One study suggest that regular whitening solutions are only effective for about half an hour, after which natural mouth enzymes break down the peroxide, rendering the solution inactive. Those hard-to-whiten teeth are never fully acted on by the solution, and the results are less than spectacular.

Kor Dental Whitening

The Kor system, now offered by Dr. Shindler uses a patented seal which keeps these fluids out. The solution may be active for 6-10 hours, as opposed to the 30 minutes gained from traditional systems.

The Kor system also utilizes a two-part system, in which a second solution is applied which reaches much deeper areas of the teeth due to the oxidation action produced by the trays. The result is much brighter, whiter results than with any traditional teeth whitening method.

Kor also contains the most effective anti-sensitivity agents available, ending worries of mouth and gum irritation common with many whitening treatments.

Visit our Dr. Shindler and discuss the Kor whitening system. You will be glad you did when you see your bright, white new smile!