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Dental Restorations

Dental restoration is the process of repairing or replacing damaged teeth. Standard dental fillings for cavities are included within the category of “restorations”, but usually restoration refers to more extensive dental work, such as replacement crowns and dental implants.

Who Needs Dental Restoration?

Teeth become damaged or begin to decay for a variety of reasons. Decay can be caused by years of dental neglect, but even well-cared for teeth can decay over time due to diet or just normal wear-and-tear.

Damaged teeth, including cracked teeth, chipped teeth, and teeth that have been knocked out, also occur for a number of reasons. Accidents often lead to oral damage, but even biting into something very hard can chip or crack a teeth.

Why Restore Teeth?

Damaged and/or decayed teeth need to be restored for the following reasons:

•    Without treatment, damaged or decayed teeth can adversely affect the teeth around them, leading to an even more severe problem.
•    Dental restoration permits normal eating, chewing, and speaking.
•    Restorations put an end to oral pain associated with damaged or decayed teeth

Less Tangible Benefits of Restorations

The benefits listed above are practical, physical benefits of dental restoration. However, many of the most important benefits of dental restorations are not quite as tangible.

For example, do you try to smile with your lips pressed shut? When you laugh, do you always cover your mouth? Do you feel self-conscious about teeth that are discolored due to decay or chipped due to an accident?

By having your teeth restored, your confidence will increase and you will no longer feel so self-conscious about your smile. Instead of covering up your smiles and your laughter, you'll feel proud of your restored teeth and you'll never feel the need to hide your mouth again. These less tangible, psychological benefits of restorative dental work are as valuable – if not more valuable – than the practical, physical benefits of restoring damaged or decayed teeth.

Visit the Smile Gallery on this website to see impressive before and after photos of dental restorations performed by our dentist. Included in the Smile Gallery are tooth-colored restoration fillings, along with examples of crowns, caps, and other restorative work.